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This Patent Pending Neoprene cover is designed to fit the Holosun 508T Red Dot Scope . This weather resistant cover will protect the scope in all environments and is soft enough to keep from scratching the scope. Easy modification may be needed for use with backup iron sights.  Check out pictures in the Helpful Tips page. Sold in a 2-pack only!

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Weight 4.0 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.37 × 1.37 in

4 reviews for HoloSun 508T Scope Cover

  1. Brenton Petrick (verified owner)

    This optic cover is truly great. The material is a a soft rubber and does a great job covering the optic. I plan to use these covers for when I am cleaning the gun or long term storage. I had to deduct a star because the cover did not fit on my 508T when it is mounted to my handgun (Shadow Systems Mr920). The pull tab on the back of the cover hits my rear sight, so I cut the tab off to adjust for that. The cover still didn’t fit well because my 508T is mounted so deep into my slide. I had to cut a centimeter of material off the front and back of the cover (in addition to the tab) equal to the width of the slide in order for the cover to sit flush. If my optic was mounted to a rail mount, there would be no issue. If customer pictures are available to upload, I will be happy to. Overall, the modifications took 30 seconds with a pair of scissors and was very easy to do. I still highly recommend these covers. A few of my friends and I have multiple covers for different optics, and they are amazing!

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    I recently bought four different sizes (part numbers) of of these sight covers.
    All fit their respective sight bodies very nicely. A nice, medium soft rubber cover that fits the sight body snugly and evenly. Not too tight, and not loose enough to be falling off at any time. They seem to be thick enough to offer a little bit of impact cushion also. Surely thick enough to protect the sight from any sort of normal scratching.
    It’s nice to buy something, not related to the original item (Holosun) and have it work like an OEM part.

    Well done Dream Plastics.


  3. Ken (verified owner)

    Great cover. I had to do a little trimming. If I used the piccatinny mount it wouldn’t need trimming. I use a tandemkross mount so a little bit had to come off. Very easy to do. Very happy.

  4. Christopher

    I mounted a Holosun 508T on my Benelli M2 (using Meadow Creek rib mount) for turkey and deer hunting. The 508T is pretty durable but the Dream Plastics cover is just what I needed to protect my expensive red dot. It’s not rigid plastic but it has just enough give to make sure your optic doesn’t get wet and branches don’t scratch the glass or solar panel when you’re walking through the woods. I’ll take it off when I get to my set up, drop it in my pocket, then put it back on when I’m heading home. It fits perfectly and the front tab makes it easy to pull it on or off. I probably would have paid full price for one but it’s an even better value that 2 covers are included in each order. Buy with confidence.

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