EOTech 512 & 552 Scope Cover


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This Patent Pending Neoprene cover is designed to fit the EOTech 512 scope. This weather resistant cover will protect the scope in all environments and is soft enough to keep from scratching the scope. Easy modification may be needed for use with backup iron sights.  Check out pictures in the Helpful Tips page.  Sold as a Single Cover Only.

This cover will also work for the EOTech 552

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Weight 6.00 oz
Dimensions 6.0 × 6.0 × 4.0 in

3 reviews for EOTech 512 & 552 Scope Cover

  1. Tyler

    Purchased the 552 cover. It’s exactly what you need for it. Though, it is a soft shell, it still covers both front and rear glass while also covering the rear buttons. It fits like a glove and will not come off while manipulating the firearm. Very easy to remove and put on.

    If you want to protect the $$$ optic, get it. 10/10 recommend.

  2. BillB

    I didnt even know I needed this or it existed! I beat the hell out of my guns, they are tools and I keep them clean and well lubed but they ride in my trunk, frequently get covered w/ dust or dirt, or crud or water, ect. I din’t mind dings and scratches and worn spots on the metal finish but I hate crud on my glass whether from lube, cleaning products, dirt, ect. These covers pop on quickly, hold firmly and are thick enough to keep things from hitting the glass. You don’t know you need them but you do! They are inexpensive, stupid easy to use and they may save your expensive glass. Highly recomend!

  3. Joshua Strebelinski (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly on my 512. Had a flip cap protector that a spring went out. I’ve always wanted just a cover cap like this so when I found this site with them I was pumped. No regret and I’d buy another. Highly recommend!
    Thanks for the quality cover!

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